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  Divers' Features
  • Cost : There is none, ever!

  • Personal Profiles : Add and maintain your own personal dive profile. Register with our Buddy Database and find a buddy for your next dive.
  • Online Divelogs : Access your divelogs from anywhere in the world! Keep a complete divelog of every dive you do. Online, and accessible. Create a link to your public logs and show all your friends.
  • Shared Dive Sites : Every time someone adds a new dive site or dive location you can access it to see what that site is all about. Plan your next dive vacation...
  • Peer Reviews : All dive sites can be reviewed! Get diving, then get online and share your experience.
  • Buddy Database : Register with our Buddy Database and search for buddies in your area. Use Buddy-Messaging to communicate and plan your next dive!
  • Buddy-Messaging : Communcate with your buddies and select that perfect dive location.
  • Diver Forums : Participate in our member-driven diver forums. Ask questions of the pros or give some advice to those new to diving.
  • Simplicity : was created for one purpose: to serve the needs of the diving community. We have concentrated on simplicity and functionality so that divers of all levels can get full use from the site.

  •   Dive Company Features
  • Cost : There is none, ever!
  • Company Profile : Keep a Company Profile so that divers can get ahold of you.
  • List Your Courses : Keep an updated list of the courses and certifications that your company offers. With an online presence you can show divers what you offer and give them a way of contacting you.
  • List Your Dive Sites : List the Dive Sites that your Company services. Tell divers what is special about your sites!
  • List Your Dive Trips : Organise your Dive Trips and make them available to a huge number of online divers!
  • Dive Forums : Participate in our Dive Forums. Help divers with their questions about sites, gear, etc.

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